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Mean Streets

Mean Streets (1973)
New York, Lower Manhattan. Charlie is a young Italian who is both religious and vicious. He was tired of being in the shadow of the older generation. An ambitious guy is trying to rise in the eyes of the mafiosi who have trampled Little Italy under themselves. However, for this he is not respectable enough. The guy works for his own uncle Giovanni, who is engaged in knocking out debts. But the young man still cannot win the favor of the local caporegime. This is hampered by Charlie's childhood friend, Johnny Boy, whom everyone considers a dangerous gouge.
But an increased sense of responsibility prevents Charlie from breaking off relations with a friend, who turns into an ordinary gangster and borrows large sums of money without the slightest intention of returning it. To complicate matters, Charlie is dating Johnny Boy's cousin Teresa. The lover constantly promises his friend to take her away from the criminal area, but so far he does not go further than empty words. Meanwhile, Johnny Boy's behavior is becoming more destructive and beyond imaginable boundaries. He wants to have fun and does not think about the consequences. Johnny's lifestyle draws him and his friends into a pernicious whirlpool.