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Mary and Max

Mary and Max (2009)
The action takes place simultaneously on two continents - Australia and America. An eight-year-old girl named Mary Dinkle lives in the suburbs of Melbourne. She is bored, lonely and sad in her own home, as her parents do not pay any attention to her. It is as if she does not exist for them, they have a lot of their own problems and affairs, and in their life it seems as if there is absolutely no place for their only daughter. The only person Mary enjoys talking to is a forty-four-year-old man named Max Horowitz who lives in the United States of America. He suffers from obesity and a serious mental illness, does not believe in God, despite the fact that he is a Jew. He doesn't want to go out, doesn't want to see any of his relatives, former friends or acquaintances. The only pleasant pastime is communication with a little girl from Australia.
Their communication helps both in life. Corresponding with each other, they begin to look differently at long-familiar and ordinary things. Their correspondence lasts eighteen years. By that time, little Mary is twenty-six years old, and Max is sixty-two years old. Their unusual friendship, which has endured time, distance and various troubles, does not end over the years, but only becomes stronger and closer.