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The Astronaut's Wife

The Astronaut's Wife (1999)
Released: 1999.
Director: Rand Ravich.
Being thousands of kilometers from Earth, in outer space, an astronaut named Spencer Armacost lost contact with the base for only a few minutes. Upon returning home, the wife of the astronaut, Jillian, began to notice some oddities with her husband. You can deceive yourself, but intuition - never. Now fear pursues her on the heels and does not leave for a second. What happened during that short period of time? And who returned to her from space?
The debut work of director Rand Ravich, known for such Tv Series as "Crisis" and "Second Chance," although it has not managed to make a lot of noise, is still an example of a good thriller with elements of a detective story. The oppressive atmosphere of the film is created by the play of light, the innovative moves of the operator and the brilliant play of the actors of the foreground. One of the sexiest actors of his time - Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron, as always, are incomparable. This screen pair skillfully juggles the emotions of the audience; from calming calm to escalating suspense. Anyway, in terms of psychological pressure on the viewer, the film deserves all praise. With a stretch, it can even be compared with Hitchcock's ribbons. This picture may not be liked, but it certainly will not leave indifferent.