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The Master

The Master (2012)
Traveling light - what could be more fun? When fresh air sweeps past you, and only you can understand where it is in such a hurry. Air clogs the nostrils, tickling them pleasantly from the inside. Having gained spirit, you sneeze, closing your wet eyes with pleasure. Tears slide down the cheek and dry quickly. Around the reign of heat reigns, in which you are not a faithful subject, but an occasional guest.
The main characters of this story decided to go on a regular trip one day in order to have fun and get the maximum amount of pleasure. As a big company, they get into the car, and having gathered with them on the road the necessary things - food, entertainment, go on the road.
Ahead of them are waiting for the beautiful expanses of their native country. Gradually, travelers move away from the big city. You must cross the border of America with Mexico until night, and stay overnight in a roadside motel.
Suddenly, the world of the main characters is turned upside down. For a split second, a whistling clap is heard, after which the car is brought to its side. The tire has gone down, and it is necessary to replace it.
But as soon as young people get out of the car, bullets whistle in the air again. Somewhere in the distance, a mad sniper lurked. And he certainly will not miss his goal.