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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good, the Ugly, the Bad
Genre: Western.
Released: 1966.
Director: Sergio Leone.
The plot focuses on a mysterious silent wanderer who has been wandering for weeks in the vast expanses of the state of New Mexico, in the midst of a bloody Civil War. A lone cowboy is trying to find the treasure that the Indians buried in these places, about 30 years ago robbed a military train carrying gold. After several weeks of unsuccessful searches, he meets two travelers, the same as him, very harsh and formidable-looking cowboys.
Very soon, they will all know that they are in the Wild West with a common goal, in order to get rich and dig up the hidden gold. Since each of them has only a part, and snippets of valuable information about the location of the treasure, they decide to join forces for the duration of the searches and begin to work together. However, each of them understands that they are only temporary allies, and can not trust each other. And although there are many difficulties on their way, a meeting with the Indians in a shootout in a bar and even a conflict with a group of military men, none of them intend to retreat, and they are getting closer and closer to their intended goal. However, as soon as they found a place with buried gold and dug a treasure, they immediately turned from allies into implacable enemies. Taking each other at the front sight and peering intently into the faces of their rivals, three formidable men decide to shoot, and maybe only one of them will be lucky, and he will become the owner of a whole bag of gold coins.