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Street Fighter II: The Movie

Street Fighter 2: The Movie
Like many other anime adaptations of "Street Fighter 2" can not boast of a more or less decent story. It supposedly is, but it feels rather sluggish, and it is not needed, in fact. After all, this movie is not at all that good, and not because of the plot it is being revised over and over again. Like in any fighting game there are good and bad guys, and there is the best and worst guy. There is a certain organization called Shadow Law, there is Interpol, which opposes it. There is a bad guy Bison, there is a good guy Riu.
Ryu, as befits a real Japanese hero, wanders around the world barefoot, helping the people as much as possible and periodically raising all sorts of shits with his fists. Bison, on the contrary, has plans to take over the world and is doing everything in every possible way. Typical Yin and Yang.
In addition to all this, there are many other fighters from the Street Fighter game who, in general, practically do not affect the plot, but simply knead each other for the sake of our fun. The battle scenes are a different story. Made very beautifully and very exciting, with the repetition of the original game crown beats, or even just beautiful combos. In general, all fans of the game and beautiful fighting games - must watch!