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Scream (1996)
High school student Casey Becker was attacked by a maniac who loves horror films. The psychopath asked the victim tricky questions, threatening her connected boyfriend Steve with death. Hearing the wrong answers, the villain killed the girl and her gentleman. Soon, another Sydney schoolgirl will undergo a similar attack, but will survive by closing herself in the room. She suspects her boyfriend Billy of assassination.
Soon, rumors of a maniac killing defenseless girls creep through the city. The police will find a cloak and a mask at the crime scene, but such things are sold in all horror stores and cannot be evidence. The criminal does not have reasonable motives, so the detectives believe that his cruelty is caused by his passion for horror films.
Police will check Billy's cell phone and find out that on the night of the attack he did not call Sidney. The guy is released from the site, and in the city there is a panic. Authorities temporarily close the school and impose curfews, trying to avoid new victims. Soon, young people will throw a party in the house, trying to forget recent events. The maniac will take advantage of the relaxation of young people and decide on a risky outing. He will not be stopped even by the police watching the house of walking high school students.