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Once Upon a Time in America

Once Upon a Time in America
Genre: Crime, Drama.
Released: 1984.
Director: Sergio Leone.
The beginning of the XX century, the Jewish quarter in the East Side. Four boys grew up on the street and have been together since childhood. They are best and faithful friends. Severe living conditions brought them to the criminal path: during the heyday of Prohibition, they got rich on bootlegging. To survive, you must be able to spin and neglect the laws, if it makes a profit. The company remained harmonious, despite the presence in it of two personalities with leadership qualities. The boys did not enter into serious disputes, and their relationship strengthened every year, becoming stronger.
The group of young bandits became famous throughout the city, and even influential moneybags in high positions began to become interested in their activities and seek their support. Fifty years after their acquaintance, the Noodles returned to their native place to deal with old affairs and recall past days. He is one of the members of that bandit group, and his real name is David Aaronson. The man blames himself for the death of close friends: one mistake was prohibitively expensive. But it turns out that there were many more details in the incident. Betrayal, love and a sincere relationship between childhood comrades occur against the backdrop of sophisticated crimes.