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Need for Speed

Need for Speed (2014)
Released: 2014.
Director: Scott Waugh.
The plot focuses on a young guy who has been fond of cars since his youth. And when he got older, he decided to open his own auto repair shop, in which he could do what he liked. And soon he finally manages to achieve what he wants. That's just the maintenance of the workshop and the payment of rent requires substantial money, which the auto mechanic does not have. And in order to earn the necessary amount, a man is forced to take part in illegal races. And, as it turned out, on the track he also has no equal among the riders ...
The affairs of the protagonist went uphill. Soon he also had a new work partner, with whom, as it seemed to an auto mechanic, he had a lot in common. But soon this man substitutes the main character, as a result of which he finds himself in places not so distant. There he spent the long two years of his life. And all this time the man hatched a grand plan of revenge, which he plans to implement at all costs. Soon, having been released, he again gets behind the wheel of his powerful racing car and sets off for the streets of his native city. Will he be able to restore justice and return to normal life?