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John Carter

John Carter (2012)
The main character of the movie is a United States Civil War veteran named John Carter.
Having lost all his beloved people, friends and relatives during the war, John completely became disillusioned with life, lost himself and became an absolutely different person. Now his main income and income is finding gold. I explore various territories, he sometimes stumbles on deposits of precious metal and this can provide for his own life. Once in a cave he meets a strange person, loses consciousness, and then wakes up on an alien planet Mars.
Stunned, John is trying to understand how he was transferred to another world, but absolutely does not remember anything. He observes that due to a different gravitational force, physical strength has increased, speed and dexterity have increased. On Mars, unexpected surprises await him in the face of hostile local residents four meters tall, aggressive authorities, as well as constant internecine wars that erupt between neighboring possessions. Carter will have to go through many trials and step on the path of war himself, as well as save the incredible princess named Deya Toris. The girl will light a feeling in the man’s heart that he has long forgotten about.