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Greed (2019)
From childhood, Richard dreamed of getting out of poverty and building his own financial empire, becoming a world famous rich man. For many years, dreaming of a multi-million state, he is closely involved in developing a strategy for his own business. Focusing on the fashion industry, the guy quickly joins the elite of branded markets. The basis of his plan was to save on wages for employees of his company and the lack of bonuses and incentives. The use of cheap labor has borne fruit in the form of the absence of losses and large financial losses. Shady cash transactions and illegal frauds helped him enrich himself in record time.
Inspired by unprecedented success, on his sixtieth birthday, the millionaire decided to throw a gorgeous party. The celebration was decided to be held in the style of the Roman Empire, dressing guests in appropriate costumes. A well-off audience in luxurious robes eagerly awaited the surprise promised by the hero of the day, but plans changed dramatically when Syrian refugees appeared in Richard's field of vision. Having decided to arrange a demonstration show, the birthday boy is playing before the guests the expulsion of the poor from the royal estates. But he does not even suspect how exactly he will have to pay for his reckless act.