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A Few Good Men

A Few Good Men (1992)
Genre: Drama, Thriller.
Released: 1992.
Director: Rob Reiner.
The territory of the military base was a completely brutal murder. Two sailor soldiers killed William Santiago. For their misconduct, they were called to the courtroom. Defending Downey and Dawson was entrusted to Daniel Caffey. The man is a novice lawyer, he is self-confident and irresponsible. He likes playing baseball more than learning the laws of his state. Previously, he had not been able to defend the interests of the wards in court, the only thing he did was conclude transactions with an indictment. This time he will have to accept the sentence, which reads 12 years of punishment for sailors.
Being on the territory of the military unit, the lawyer realized that the matter was not easy and strange people were involved in it. Responsibility for the death of a sailor lies with the conscience of other people, and therefore this time Kaffee decided to responsibly bring the matter to an end and punish the true culprits of the death of Santiago. The lawyer was determined and challenged respectable persons, not afraid to put on the line everything that he has - career, wife, well-being and his own life.