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12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men (1957)
Genre: Crime, Drama.
Released: 1957.
Director: Sidney Lumet.
The legendary movie, the events of which unfold within one single room. It is here that the fate of the defendant, who is sentenced to a term of imprisonment for murder, which, the prosecution is sure, is an indisputable fact, will be decided. All evidence indicates that this person is guilty. So for the vast majority, the case was completed. It remained only to wait for the necessary verdict from the jury, who carefully followed the progress of the trial and intend to say the last word.
Almost all the jurors did not even doubt that they would not stay in the room for a long time, since all the evidence was there. Many have already begun to make plans for the rest of the evening, being confident that they will have a lot of free time. But as soon as it came to a vote, something unexpected happened: one of the jurors refused to admit the obvious and spoke out in favor of the defendant's innocence. From this begins a tense struggle between everyone in the room. And the result of this trial can now be any.