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Willow (1988)
Released: 1988.
Director: Ron Howard.
Welcome to the fabulous land of Lilliputians, where small people live, the existence of which many do not even realize. Here there is real magic and magic. It is here that the main character of the film Willow Ufgood lives, who has long dreamed of becoming the main wizard and taking the place of his wise mentor. He has a family to whom he is devoted. But once the life of a family of midgets is radically changing.
It all started when Willow accidentally discovered a baby at his home. Here are just a baby this was a representative of the "big people" to whom the protagonist disliked. Initially, he wanted to leave a stranger at home. But soon he becomes attached to this child and begins to educate as a native. Willow Ufgood has repeatedly made attempts to return him to the "big people", but this was unsuccessful. Years passed, and the boy became an adult. Soon he will be waiting for the first serious adventure, which will force him to fight the evil sorceress and save the Lilliputians from an imminent disaster. Can the "big man" prove that he is really ready for anything for the sake of the locals?