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The Lodge

The Lodge (2019)
The film tells about the troubles of the family, especially when a fully-fledged person appears. At the epicenter of attention is a young girl named Grace, who has recently been formally formalized a marriage with a prominent journalism. After the ceremony, she is asked to contact the children of the spouse. The last one perfectly remembers one mother, who did not endure a heavy injury and simply committed suicide. Naturally, the guy refuses to accept the new mackerel, constantly relying on the loving father. One man was unsubstantiated, and made various attempts to reach an indispensable contact.
The situation is aggravated by an awkward past heroine - about twelve years ago, her father took up a large sect and literally left all the participants to save. Now Miya and Aiden consider Gray to be open, which is not located anywhere in their home. Due to the poor condition, I decided to take the first family trip, on the eve of the holiday. Unfortunately, they did not realize that a trip to a distant house ends in a nightmare.