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The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors (1988)
Genre: Comedy.
Released: 1988.
Director: Howard Deutch.
Chet Ripley is a successful middle-aged man who devotes his whole life to family and children. He works a lot of time, but now he dreams of spending the next vacation in the suburbs. Here he was once a child with his father. And about that period of time he had the warmest memories. And now he intends to please his own children and his wife with this trip. Everything was ready for a grand vacation and did not even realize that in the end it would turn into a real nightmare ...
It all started with the fact that at the same time the sister of Chet's wife arrived, who is married to an incredibly selfish man who thinks only of himself and his appearance. It is impossible to find a common language with him, just as with his children. And from the very first day this family appeared, all the plans of the protagonist go downhill. Can Chet Ripley fix the situation and give the family the vacation they dreamed about? Or will these few weeks be a hell for everyone present?
"The Great Outdoors" - a classic family comedy, scripted by John Hughes. Happy viewing!