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The Core

The Core (2003)
Released: 2003.
Director: Jon Amiel.
Strange incidents have begun to occur around the world in recent times. Birds lose direction and crash, crashing into buildings, and people suffering from diseases have dramatically worse health. In the short term, more than a dozen people die, and scientists cannot find any explanation for this. Disasters happen all over the world, because people die right at the workplace.
Josh Keyes, an experienced geophysicist, is invited to a secret meeting. The country's top leadership wants an answer - people died for natural reasons or became a victim of foreign intervention. The professor solves this riddle in 10 seconds - all people had pacemakers on their hearts. So you need to proceed from the changes associated with electronics. Simultaneous failures around the world can mean only one thing - something incredible happened in the core of the planet.
After all the studies, he comes to the conclusion that the geomagnetic field of the Earth begins to decay. This threatens the complete destruction of the globe in the near future. A team of scientists will have to penetrate deep into the bowels of the earth. It took 3 months to build a heat-resistant apparatus, but no one can guarantee that people will be able to return alive from such a dangerous trip.