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The Assistant

The Assistant (2019)
Genre: Drama.
Released: 2019.
Director: Kitty Green.
Jane is a very determined girl. She wants to build a career and be remembered in the world as a talented producer. Having overcome some difficulties, she practically achieved her goal. Jane is now an employee of a respectable film company that makes good films. It seems that her hard work and perseverance will be able to help the assistant to quickly break through to the top of this organization.
Moreover, she is the assistant to the most important person in the studio. True, everything is not going at all as she planned. Her work is not much different from office plankton, moreover, she is mired in all this routine. Colleagues are very hostile, they don't even try to hide it. And the boss constantly pours out sharp remarks that can bring to tears. Jane witnesses what is happening in the management's office when no one is seeing. Or does not want to see, prudently shifting his gaze. To achieve her goal, she must merge with the surrounding landscape, so that she can then take the necessary experience with her. But Jane will not be like everyone else. Something is happening that makes her change the current state of affairs.