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Like a Boss

Like a Boss (2020)
Genre: Comedy.
Released: 2020.
Director: Miguel Arteta.
At the center of the events described in the film are two female representatives named Mia and Mel, who were united not only by strong friendships, but also by the common business that they had been conducting for a long time. In the past, they managed to open their cosmetics company together, with the help of which they managed to turn from ordinary girls into successful and wealthy entrepreneurs. The main characters lived perfectly and they were able to swim in wealth and luxury without any problems and hassle, but one fine day there was a so-called crisis, after which the best friends began to drown in a huge amount of debt.
Now the girls were forced to save on everything and live in normal conditions, in order to pay a stretch to pay with creditors. One fine day, the heroine received a very tempting offer - they needed to sell their business from a giant cosmetic company, led by a cruel woman named Claire Luna. This news had a different impact on the main characters, after which their friendships began to burst at the seams. I wonder what they decide to choose in the end - money or friendship?