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Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island (2020)
Released: 2020.
Director: Jeff Wadlow.
With the onset of summer, every resident wants to leave the stuffy city and move to the resort. Rest under the rays of the scorching sun can brighten up even the most difficult period in life. But not everyone can afford such a luxury. Mr. Roarke, who constructed his own fantasy island, is well aware of this. The island is able to realize the most daring desires of wealthy customers. For months, Roarke kept his project secret. And now, with the advent of the new holiday season, the island of fantasy opens the door for everyone!
It attracts young boys and girls from all over America, counting on an unforgettable vacation. It is difficult to surprise such people, because in their lifetime the rich have visited many exotic resorts. But what they have to face now will exceed all possible expectations. Tourists hoped that they would end up in paradise, but go to hell. Terrible things begin to happen on the island that defy rational explanation. A threat looms over the lives of guests. Only the mysterious Mr. Roark knows the true reasons for what is happening.