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A Knight's Tale

A Knights Tale (2001)
An eccentric and adventurous young man by the name of William always dreamed of becoming a real knight, and to shine at jousting tournaments winning awards and hearts of women. However, the guy is an ordinary commoner, and in his veins there is not a drop of noble blood. He serves as a servant of a noble knight, constantly accompanying him on campaigns, and being his squire. However, after his master dies in a battle with forest bandits, the guy decides to crank out a dangerous adventure. Having appropriated a horse, weapons and the emblem of his master, he decides to impersonate the noble knight Ulrich von Liechtenstein.
Having learned to handle the sword, and having adopted the habits and manners of his deceased master, the guy easily manages to pass himself off as a noble and noble nobleman. Upon learning that the king in his castle decided to hold a grand knightly tournament, he is heading to the fortress to take part in the tournament and competing for the main prize. Having entered into battle with his first rival, he easily defeats him, becoming the favorite of the public. However, here he meets an old count who knew Father Ulrich Lichtenstein, and now the guy, fearing that his adventure would be revealed, should have left the tournament. However, he falls head over heels in love with the daughter of this count, and decides to stay in order to win the tournament and win the heart of the lady who has begun reciprocating with him.