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The Way Back

The Way Back (2020)
Genre: Drama, Sport.
Released: 2020.
Director: Gavin O'Connor.
Many years ago, Jack Cunningham showed great promise. A talented basketball player was predicted to have a brilliant sports career, but at some point, for unknown reasons, he began to skip training, and a little later, due to addiction to alcohol and drugs, he was completely forced to leave professional sports.
The wife tried for a long time to reason with her husband and make him stop drinking. She used all the possible methods that only crossed her mind - blackmail, threats and tears were used, consultations of leading doctors and expensive treatment in rehabilitation centers were tried, but everything turned out to be useless. Unable to watch the once beloved person roll into the abyss, the woman packed her things and left.
Having lost money, fame, family, the former athlete decides to return to his hometown to his parents - the only people who continue to believe in him. There, the main character suddenly gets a second chance - he is offered to coach a second-rate basketball team at a local school. Theoretically, these teenagers will never be able to break into the big leagues, but for the coach it becomes a matter of honor, and he is ready to do everything in his power to lead the students to victory.