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Showgirls (1995)
Genre: Drama.
Released: 1995.
Director: Paul Verhoeven.
For those stupid and naive girls who are so eager to break into the world of show business, it is worth recalling once again that this dirty and dangerous world is filled with all kinds of filth and meanness, depravity and venality. And if a girl is not burdened with such concepts as honor and dignity, then she has the place in that swamp, which will be discussed in this picture. Naomi was a young, but quite promising dancer. Of course, she understood that she could easily give odds to many choreography professionals. But where was she to declare her talent ?!
In her tiny town, dancers were needed only in a brothel. And she did not want to sink to such a base and shameful level. The girl wanted to bring up her gift as a professional dancer. She believed that she had the right place in the world of show business, that it was there that the truly talented people revolve, who would be known all over the world. So she went to the city of gambling and all kinds of entertainment called Las Vegas. There she met a woman who really revolved among the show - a business get-together. Her name was Crystal. And soon the young heroine really fulfilled her dream. But she was convinced that the world of show business is not as clean and simple as it seemed to her at first.