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Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven (2005)
Released: 2005.
Director: Ridley Scott.
Balian is experiencing a tragedy, the death of a young son. He is a simple blacksmith, was happy with his family and did not expect trouble. But after burying the child, he soon said goodbye to her wife, she committed suicide, failing to survive the loss. Suddenly, on the threshold of the unfortunate, the baron appears. He admits that he is his father and offers to go with a detachment to Jerusalem. But he is refused, he does not want to leave the graves of loved ones. In the evening, a priest came, began to persuade to join the crusaders, and the widower noticed on the chest of the minister of the church, the pectoral cross of his wife. He removed it from the corpse. Coming into a rage, threw the thief into a fire, and went to catch up with the army. The newly made relative was delighted with the replenishment.
But the pursuit, launched, on the trail overtakes them. There was a battle where the parent defended the offspring, receiving a mortal wound. But before the end, he assigned the guy the title of knight and transferred all authority to the inheritance. So, begins his unusual journey to Palestine, the homeland of his ancestors. He meets a local ruler who is very ill, and his sister. The possessions inherited from the priest are thriving. Life goes on, but the world comes to an end. He will become the head of his people, defending the country.