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Thunderball (1965)
Released: 1965.
Director: Terence Young.
Thunderball is the code name for the operation of a terrorist organization led by Emilio Largo. Members of this criminal group assign nuclear warheads. They are planning to blackmail the government. Criminals are asking for the unthinkable amount of money paid in diamonds. Otherwise, they swear to blow up a couple of big cities.
James Bond, as always, comes to the rescue. Being lucky from birth, he finds himself in Nassau, where there are hidden atomic bombs. James does not have much time to prevent the insidious plans of the bandits, but he manages to charm the beloved of the main terrorist. He has a good time on the beach, trying to find out from the Italian beauty whereabouts of nuclear warheads. Reaching the truth, Agent 007 destroys Emilio and prevents the inevitable death of millions of innocent people.