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007: Spectre (2015)
Times have changed. Now James Bond is forced to run. Because his service is at risk. The leading person has changed. The new "M" is trying to save its department, which interested parties want to eliminate.
James only dealt with a major criminal, whom he had caught on board the plane. A tough fight ended with the victory of Agent 007. But he realized that his investigation was just beginning. A signet depicting the symbol of a large criminal organization on the finger of the deceased means that the organization still exists. And they include the most dangerous people who do not know mercy. SPECTRE - this is the name of the office that monitors the country's agent network and tries to close MI6 in London. They are invulnerable because no one knows the location of their headquarters.
Help in exposing SPECTRE came unexpectedly. The widow of a famous criminal calls Bond and agrees to reveal secret information about the organization. This information helped agent 007 to follow the trail of criminals. His adventures begin in Rome. Therefore, in London, the James Bond department was left without its best employee. If they cannot resist the enemies, then the special operation will be canceled.