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Die Another Day

007: Die Another Day
The most famous espionage master by the name of James Bond enters the game again after a long stay in the shadows. However, this was not a planned rest. The agent was in conspiracy for a long time to strike at the enemy when he could get enough of the most important information. Now it is located in North Korea - one of the most difficult countries to conduct undercover activities. The situation worsens when the protagonist is declassified and placed in one of the prisons for political prisoners. There is real hell going on, and getting out of it is not easy. Bond would not be a super agent if he could not be free, having made a spectacular escape.
For several months he comes to his senses and tries to return to the usual rhythm of life. I want to leave chases and shootings in the past, but there is information that forces the main character to return to his work again. One of Bond's opponents, while working in North Korea, who sent him to jail, got in touch with multimillionaire Gustav Graves. Together, they intend to threaten the security of the whole world. We need to stop them as soon as possible. There is a long and difficult way to go.