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Child's Play

Child's Play (2019)
Genre: Horror.
Released: 2019.
Director: Lars Klevberg.
Karen is raising her son alone. She has a hard time with Andy: the boy’s hearing is damaged, he cannot make friends with the guys in the new place where he and his mother recently moved. Karen wants to cheer up the boy and gives a surprise. She manages to acquire a fashionable toy in the store where she works.
This is a doll of the Buddy series. It is controlled by artificial intelligence and can not only manage life support systems, but also become its little master the best friend. The doll communicates with Andy. "Best Friend" says his name is Chucky. Andy plays with Chucky, educates him. He grasps everything literally on the fly: how to use a toothbrush, how to use a table knife ... And Chucky hears complaints from Andy: he is annoyed by a cat (scratching) and his mother's boyfriend (just do not like it). How will Chucky respond to the complaints of his best friend? What skills will he use to fulfill his innermost desires?