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King Kong

King Kong (2005)
Released: 2005.
Director: Peter Jackson.
America of the thirties was swallowed by the Great Depression. In the face of hopelessness and general poverty, the young actress Ann Darrow interrupts with dances in frivolous vaudeville. Suddenly, good luck favors the blonde beauty, and she gets the chance to star in the upcoming film by the adventurous director Carl Denham. The man heard about the gloomy Skull Island, where, according to the local sailors, something terrible and unusual dwells. Inspired to take a grandiose picture of the pristine jungle, he takes a film crew with him and, in the company of the theater playwright Jack Driscoll, sets off on an adventure.
Arriving at the place, the team discovers that all the tales are true. The mysterious island gives away exotic for a mile away, it is inhabited by bloodthirsty cannibals and a lot of unusual creatures, of which a gigantic monstrous gorilla stands out. Local aborigines call monster King Kong. To appease the beast, savages kidnap the unfortunate Ann and arrange a sacrifice of beauty. The bound girl is given to the monster to be torn to pieces, but Kong is captivated by her charm and is not going to harm the girl.