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The Vanishing

The Vanishing - Il Mistero del Faro, Keepers (2018)
Three men: James Ducat, Thomas Marshall and Donald MacArthur sail to the small isolated island of Flannan, which is 20 miles from the coast of England, in order to take up a 6-week shift as watchmen of the lighthouse. A cold Atlantic wind strikes them in the face, and the soil is not suitable for vegetation, nevertheless, everything has been arranged at the place of their work for a comfortable long-term stay, and provisions are stored for months ahead. They settle down on a tiny archipelago and take over their duties, maintaining the lighthouse's lamps, which regularly fail.
During the planned patrol of the territory, the men saw a broken boat, a human body and a weighty wooden chest at the bottom of the cliff. Wanting to check the stranger's signs of life, the youngest and strongest Donald came down on a rope down a cliff. Suddenly, a man comes to his senses and pounces on a guy, wanting to kill him. During a short but fierce brawl, the ranger prevails, killing the ill-wisher. Having lifted the chest to the surface, the main characters found bullion with gold inside it. They divided the expensive find equally, not even suspecting that soon the owners would swindle the precious metal, wishing to take it back.