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Summer '03

Summer 03
Genre: Comedy.
Released: 2018.
Director: Becca Gleason.
Jamie is a pretty teenager girl of sixteen. In her life everything happens the same way as the millions of girls like her. School, lessons, cafes, boys and parties are in first place among teenagers. It is unlikely that any of them seriously think about their future. Plans are made only for the coming weekends and holidays. The girl dismissed her parents moralizing, as if buzzing annoying mosquitoes. But that all changed after the departure of the elderly grandmother to another world. Anticipating her death, the old woman revealed to her granddaughter all the family secrets that were carefully kept and protected for many years.
All parental quarrels are revealed. The respectable family keeps their skeletons in the closet. All that from which so preserved a young girl surfaced. Now she will have to quickly grow up, go through serious tests and understand that adult life is not as far as she thought. And to solve adult problems is not so easy. Jamie will change his attitude towards his parents and help them to know real happiness. This summer, young beauty will have to grow up and learn what first love is.